Ep 19 – “Chasing After Them” / “Ano Senaka o Oikake te” (あの背中を追いかけて)

Upon arriving on the battlefield, Krusty’s group engages the goblin army at Kasumi Lake. Meanwhile, at the Midraunt headquarters, Shiroe explains the pivotal role Choshi plays in his plan to contain the goblin advancement. At the same time, a large army of monsters begin moving towards Choshi and the trainees persuade Maryelle to let them defend the town. While watching the trainees fight, Naotsugu and Nyanta comment on their battle styles and of Minori’s attempt to imitate Shiroe’s battle tactics. As the battle of Choshi wears on, Minori’s group takes off to defend other parts of the town while Shiroe informs Maryelle of the arrival of reinforcements in another hour. With the battle taking a huge toll on them, Minori’s group soon finds themselves slowly overpowered against a small group of monsters and she starts losing control of the battle. However Rundelhaus suddenly charges at the last two dire wolf monsters with his magical gauntlets in a suicide attack. In the aftermath, the party try in vain to revive him. Already knowing the inevitable though, Isuzu tearfully explains Rundelhaus’ nature as a Lander who dies permanently. Refusing to give up, Minori quickly makes contact with Shiroe.