Ep 18 – “Expeditionary Force” / “Ensei Gun” (遠征軍)

Upon arriving in Akihabara, Lenessia can’t help but marvel at the different culture of the city. Shiroe and Krusty quickly organize a meeting which draws hundreds of adventurers. Wasting no time, Shiroe stirs the crowds with the threat the goblin army poses to Estal. After presenting the option that the adventurers do not have to act, Shiroe introduces Lenessia who makes a heartfelt plea for adventurers to aid her in defending Estal. Heeding Lenessia’s words, the adventurers rally behind her with Krusty and Shiroe issuing the expedition to defeat the goblins as a quest from the Round Table. Krusty then takes almost half of the adventurers, along with Lenessia to the Narashino Port while Shiroe heads to the Midraunt Equestrian Park to set up a battle headquarters. In the meantime, Sergiatte meets with Michitaka and Henrietta to explain the developing rift between the League and the Cowen family thanks to Lenessia’s actions and of the power difference between the People and the adventurers. However they decide to wait for a solution from Shiroe. Elsewhere, as Lenessia ponders on the consequences of her actions, the training group makes a stand against the goblins at Choshi. Finally, after Krusty and Misa divide the adventurers into raiding parties, Krusty issues them the single order: destroy all goblins.