Ep 15 – “Attack” / “Shūgeki” (襲撃)

Minori suggests that their group postpone entering the dungeon until they learn more about their respective skills. In doing so, they discover that their teamwork lacked cohesion. After Minori explains the basics of party combat, the group enters the dungeon the next day. Armed with their new knowledge, each person assumes a clearly defined role in the party and they finally overcome the battles they were forced to retreat from previously. Back at the Palace of Eternal Ice, Shiroe starts documenting all the information he learnt from Regan. While pondering on what to do next, he receives a call from Minori where she gives him the progress of their training and thrills him with the fact that her group finally realized the importance of teamwork and friendship. The next day, Krusty continues to meet with Lenessia while Minori, Serara and Isuzu discuss the latter’s compatibility with Rundelhaus. However that night, as Rundelhaus and Isuzu have another exchange, Isuzu discovers that the system strangely prevents her from adding him to her friend list. The next day, the training camp at the beach come under a sudden attack by a massive army of amphibious monsters.