Ep 13 – “The Shield and Freedom” (Shield and Freedom) / “Tate to Jiyū” (盾と自由)

The Round Table representatives soon find themselves invited to various meetings. At the same time, Elissa warns Lenessia to be wary of the adventurers and the latter recalls her meeting with Krusty where he uses her as a convenient shield against scrutiny from the palace folk. The next day, Lenessia happens upon a sparring session with the palace knights and Krusty craftily manipulates her into accompanying him to the evening party. Akatsuki also eavesdrops on two palace folk and learns of a group called the Izumo Knights. Afterwards, Krusty explains to Lenessia about the freedom the adventurers enjoy due to their resolve as opposed to her sheltered life. Elsewhere, the training group fails to seek what they lack and hence make little progress exploring the dungeon. Meanwhile Maryelle and Shoryu notice a strange phenomenon on the ocean horizon. At the same time, Lord Darte asks Michitaka to share sea faring technology with him. After Krusty and Lenessia attend the evening party, the former explains his interest in Lenessia by likening her to his real-world sister. Elsewhere, Shiroe meets with Akatsuki after a meeting and learns of the information she gathered. Just then, they are approached a magician from Mirror Lake known as Regan.