Ep 10 – “Get It With Your Own Hands” (Grab It in Your Hand) / “Sono-te ni Tsukamitore” (その手につかみとれ)

As the conference continues Maryelle reveals the secret behind preparing food with flavor followed by Michitaka’s news of the collaborative invention of a steam engine. With these examples, Shiroe explains that by simply using one’s own hands instead of the command menu, new things can be invented which in turn would create a demand for items and hence drive Akihabara’s economy. Shiroe then proposes the establishment of laws that would ban the killing, kidnapping and imprisonment of players and also allow them the freedom to join and leave guilds as they desire—further suggesting that these laws also extend to the Landers much to the conference’s surprise. However, with Maryelle’s help, Shiroe convinces the conference of the People’s importance and the dire need to coexist peacefully with them. Presented with an undeniable case, the guild masters unanimously decide on the Round Table’s formation and move on to inform the city and mark the occasion with a celebration. A week later, Shiroe secures a headquarters for Log Horizon and welcomes Tohya and Minori as new members. At the same time, spies begin to infiltrate Akihabara and report back to Sergiatte Cowen of the League of Freedom Cities of Estal.