Ep 7 – “Cracked Mask” / “Hibiwareta Kamen” (ひびわれた仮面)

Ayaka Kurenai, a rising theater actress, schemes against fellow actress Kaoruko Kurushima after the latter outshines her in their theater company. After having thugs force Kaoruko to drink a tonic that ruins her voice, Midori Kurenai, Ayaka’s adopted mother and the owner of their theatrical company, cancels the show. Outraged by Midori’s bias toward Kaoruko, Ayaka attempts to send Midori to Hell, only to find that the straw doll given to her had changed (it was not the doll that Wanyudo turns into, but rather, just an ordinary straw doll) because Kaoruko already requested that she (Ayaka) be sent to Hell.