Ep 21 – “Kind Neighbor” / “Yasashii Rinjin” (優しい隣人)

Yūko Murai and her father move to a farm to take a break from urban life. Ryōsuke Sekine, their neighbor, eagerly helps them out with the work on the farm… perhaps too eagerly. The Murai’s crops are eventually overrun by pests, the farm fails and Yūko’s broken father eventually dies because of alcoholism. Yūko eventually finds out that Sekine had sabotaged their crops in order to settle an old grudge against her family. Yūko wants to send him to Hell, but is convinced otherwise by Hajime Shibata, to the annoyance of Hell. As Tsugumi tells Yūko that she still has the family farm to remember her father by, the neighbor shows up with title to the land that her father had used to borrow money to pay for the “bug poison”. He gives Yūko a week to get out so he can sell the farm. As Yūko’s new foster family shows her around, her gaze fixes on the computer in her new room. As they move on, Ai is standing in the hall and states “the choice is yours.”