Ep 1 – “From Beyond the Twilight” / “Yūyami no Kanata Yori” (夕闇の彼方より)

Mayumi Hashimoto, a junior high school student, is bullied by classmate Aya Kuroda: the latter framing the former for embezzling class money, coerces her into immoral behavior and then blackmails her with photographs of the activity. At her wits’ end, Mayumi overhears of a website that can send the object of one’s grudge to hell. Visiting the website at the appointed time, Mayumi learns that the price of sending her enemy to hell is the cost of her own soul. Mayumi hesitates, but her situation gets worse. In desperation, Mayumi sends Aya to Hell. Free of her enemy, her life becomes peaceful again; yet she now must live the remainder of her life knowing that she is bound for hell, bearing the mark on her chest.