Watch HAL Full Movie

In a future not too far ahead from our own, advance robot caretakers are a crucial part of everyday society. When a young man named Hal is killed in a tragic airplane explosion, his girlfriend Kurumi is heartbroken and retreats into a deep solitary depression. Kurumi’s family opts for a daring new form of therapy to coax her into recovery: programming a sentient caretaker named Q-01 with the late Hal’s memories to slowly earn her trust and affection. The two grow closer and gradually begin to learn for themselves what love means to both humans and machines. HAL is anything but a perfect movie. Its characters can come across as thin, its initial story beats as saccharine, and its background story of a world populated by sentient robots feels critically underdeveloped. However, it makes up for this with gorgeous visuals, great music, an enjoyable arc between the two central protagonists, and a third act revelation that turns the film’s entire premise on its head. Don’t be fooled by its kitschy shojo exterior, HAL has everything where it counts: a strong story, sympathetic characters, and unwavering heart.

Director:  Ryôtarô Makihara
Writers: Izumi Kizara
Stars: Yoshimasa Hosoya, Yôko Hikasa, Mamoru Miyano
Plot Keywords: airplane explosion | android | anime
Taglines: 7 Impacts by 7 Directors
Genres: Animation | Drama | Romance | Sci-Fi
Certificate: TV-14