Watch The Garden Of Words Full Movie

Much like his contemporary Mamoru Hosoda, Makoto Shinkai is a director who is frequently championed as the “new” Hayao Miyazaki in conversations surrounding who will succeed him. This comparison however, much like in the case of Hosoda, ends up being frustratingly reductionist in its appraisal of both directors. Shinkai’s films are not light-hearted family adventures or archetypal pillars of anime canonicity, but rather tense melancholic odes to contemporary Japanese society that highlight the ways in which physical, emotional and temporal distance inform the shape and course of human relationships. Such is the case with The Garden of Words, the story of Takao, an aspiring 15-year-old shoemaker, and his chance acquaintance and budding romance with Yukari, a mysterious older woman whom he meets one rainy summer afternoon. Shinkai’s tale of “lonely sadness” is true to its aim, with wistful world-weary dialogue punctuated by quiet montages of incidental imagery and ponderous long takes of tremulous pools of water. It’s more a feature-length meditation than it is a film, with a languid middle and a questionable emotional climax, but The Garden of Words is worthy of a watch if only for the gorgeous visuals alone.

Director: Makoto Shinkai
Writers: Makoto Shinkai
Stars: Miyu Irino, Kana Hanazawa, Fumi Hirano
Taglines: A rendezvous on rainy days… A tale of longing, even older than love… Discover the emotions that blossom in the Garden of Words.
Genres: Animation | Drama | Romance
Certificate: 12