Ep 7 – “Answering Machine” / “Rusu Ōtō” (留守応答)

Reisuke, the Fifth Future Diary Holder who owns a coloring book to predict morning, noon and night, makes several attempts to kill Yuki and Yuno, but the two of them thwart his attempts, soon realizing who he is. Yuki searches vigorously for Reisuke’s diary in vain, while Yuno insists killing him would be faster. Yuno gives up and starts chasing Reisuke around the house with a hammer and accidentally hits Rea in the head and knocks her out. Yuno figures out that Reisuke has mailed his diary to himself in order to hide it and has Yuki intercept the delivery, but he falls prey to a nerve gas trap hidden in the envelope. Reisuke challenges Yuno to a hide-and-seek game inside the house filled with nerve gas, promising the antidote if she manages to capture him. Although Yuno evades numerous traps set by Reisuke, she eventually finds herself at his mercy. However, Yuki intervenes, injuring Reisuke with a dart and giving Yuno the resolve and opportunity to finish him off. Yuki and Yuno collapse before managing to use the antidote, but Minene, who has been informed about the situation from Keigo, appears and saves them. As she walks away, she claims that to herself that Yuki must kill Yuno as soon as possible before Yuno becomes his worst enemy.

Murmur introduces Reisuke to the survival game in a playground. Reisuke agrees to be a contestant, but first needs to be convinced that she is an alien and owns a flying saucer.