Ep 6 – “Silent Mode” / “Manā Mōdo” (マナーモード)

Knowing from her diary that Yuki’s mother, Rea Amano, is coming home from work abroad as a video game programmer, Yuno breaks into his house with the intention of introducing herself to Rea. Despite Yuki’s efforts, Rea and Yuno meet and take a liking to each other, sharing a good dinner and viewing Yuki’s baby pictures, much to his embarrassment. Elsewhere, Minene gets her eye checked and catches sight of a few little kids, especially one in particular. That night, Yuno reveals to Yuki that her diary predicts they will “become one” on July 28th, and tells him she will do anything to make sure that future comes to pass. The next day, Rea brings home Reisuke Houjou, a young boy whose parents were killed at the Omekata cult incident. Despite his young age and precocious demeanor, Reisuke is a Future Diary Holder, plotting Yuno’s death to avenge his parents.

Murmur, impersonating Yuno, gathers ingredients for a dish from various areas of the world to cook for Rea. When Rea tastes the dish, she is sent to the hospital for food poisoning. When Yuki later inhales the fumes from Murmur’s second attempt at cooking, he is also sent to the hospital.