Ep 5 – “Voice Message” / “Boisu Memo” (ボイスメモ)

In a flashback, Tsubaki became the priestess of the Omekata cult after her parents fooled people of her clairvoyance, but she was raped by the male followers after her parents died in a car accident and lost a ball that once belonged to her mother that helped maintained her sanity, wanting the world to end for her suffering. In the present, as Yuki, Yuno and Tsubaki flee, they are halted by Yomotsu with four hypnotized cult members dressed like him, who explain that he used the diary from his tape recorder to find Tsubaki, intending to kill her using an explosive device inside of him. Since Yomotsu is blind, Yuno manages to tell him apart from the others and kill him. After Tsubaki reveals to Yuki and Yuno that her plan all along was to kill them, Yuno manages to cut off Tsubaki’s right hand and give Yuki her cellphone before collapsing from exhaustion and being captured. Yuki manages to avoid detection using both diaries, but Tsubaki lures him out by announcing Yuno will be raped and killed by her followers. He manages to reach Yuno in time, but Tsubaki gloats that her scroll will predict his every action as long as he is in sight of her followers. Yuki throws Tsubaki’s ball he found earlier up in the air, causing all of her followers to look at it. As her diary is rendered useless, Yuki then throws a dart at her scroll and pierces it, causing her to vanish and allowing Yuki and Yuno escape. Meanwhile, Minene, who was released by Yomotsu, later gets captured by Keigo, who eventually lets her go in return for her contact information.

Murmur introduces Yomotsu to the survival game, after he is thought of as a criminal rather than a vigilante. She gives him a tape recorder that predicts future evil deeds to allow him to carry out his justice.