Ep 4 – “Hand-Written” / “Tegaki Nyūryoku” (手書き入力)

Yuki is unable to tell anyone about the corpses he saw in Yuno’s house, fearing Yuno will find out through her diary. The next day, Yuki, Yuno and Keigo visit the Omekata cult, where Minene is being held prisoner underground. The cult’s leader, Tsubaki Kasugano, who is the holder of the Sixth Future Diary with the ability to view from a scroll what is seen by her followers, foretells her own death by the end of the day. Since Yuki has already evaded death twice, Tsubaki asks for him to stay with her for the night in exchange for handing over Minene, which he accepts, much to Yuno’s resentment. At night, Tsubaki’s followers fall under the mind control of the Twelfth Future Diary Holder, Yomotsu Hirasaka, a blind and insane man bearing a large one-eyed mask who captured Minene, and close in on Yuki, Yuno and Tsubaki. Yuno starts hacking at the followers with an axe and poses an ultimatum to Yuki, that is to either join her or die.

Murmur appears inside Tsubaki’s room, as if it were her own. Although Tsubaki’s vision is poor, she is aware of this. Murmur then introduces Tsubaki to the survival game.