Ep 3 – “Initial Failure” / “Shoki Furyō” (初期不良)

Keigo sends Yuki and Yuno to an amusement park to act as bait for Minene. When Yuki asks Yuno why she keeps following him around all day, she reminds him of when they first met one year earlier. Yuki was depressed over his parents’ divorce and, to cheer him up, Yuno offered to marry him in the future. Yuki agreed, thinking it was a joke. Although Yuki realizes Yuno is still hiding something from him, she refuses to divulge anything more. That night, Yuno invites Yuki to stop by her house. While searching for the bathroom, he opens a bizarre door to a room containing three decomposed corpses, an act which changes the future of every Future Diary Holder drastically and causes a causality continuum breakdown, much to Deus’s excitement. Terrified, Yuki runs home, only to find Yuno right outside his door. Meanwhile, Minene finds evading the police difficult, despite her ability to secure escape routes. Exhausted and cornered, she is approached by a mysterious man, who offers to save her and takes her to a hut in the woods. There, he reveals himself as a Future Diary Holder, drugging and torturing her to get information on other Future Diary Holders.

Murmur, who wants to be more popular, asks for Yuki’s advice, and he tells her that being a good cook might help. She prepares corn in different ways, them being boiled, roasted, streamed, fried and dried. Yuki says that being kind by making a midnight snack would be a better idea.