Ep 25 – “Reset” / “Risetto” (リセット)

An ambulance arrives at Yuno’s house together with the Third World Ushio. Although he is a much more caring man in this world, Yuno has to stab him when he starts getting suspicious of her. Minene drops off Yuki and the Third World Yuno at the school and makes a phone call to the Third World Keigo, forewarning him about his son’s illness. Yuki evades Yuno and Murmur’s attacks, trying to convince Yuno to return to the Second World and rule as its goddess. However, Yuno, torn between her feelings for Yuki and the inevitability of the Second World’s destruction unless one of them dies, decides to trap him in an illusionary “ideal” world where his parents are alive and she has never existed. Minene returns and fights Murmur, but she is overwhelmed once Yuno releases a seal on Murmur’s powers. In the illusionary world, Yuki soon realizes he fell in love with Yuno because she was his life supporter. Keigo and Nishijima head for the explosion scene. With Minene beaten, Yuno approaches her other self.

Murmur overhears Ushio being shocked to see that Yuno has grown up somehow since the last time he saw her. Murmur then keeps trying to make Yuno height-weight proportionate, ending up shrinking her, turning her into a baby and reducing her bust size.