Ep 24 – “Searching” / “Kensakuchū” (検索中)

As the Cathedral of Causality raises, Yuno expresses her disgust at how this state of affairs prevents her and Yuki from ever surviving together. She states that since Yuki will not kill her, she will kill him and travel back in time again to meet another Yuki. Murmur shoves Yuki off a cliff, but he is saved by the sudden reappearance of Minene, who displays powers similar to that of Murmur. As Murmur and Yuno travel two years back in time to a “Third World”, Minene and Yuki follow them. Minene explains to Yuki that when Deus realized Murmur was favoring Yuno, he suspected them of being from another timeline. In order to ensure the fair running of the game, he imparted Minene with part of his power, although she did not know so at the time. Knowing that Yuno intends to kill her past self in this world as well, Yuki rushes to her house with Minene. When Yuki finds the Third World Yuno abused and locked in a cage, choking on a mat she tried to eat, he calls for an ambulance, despite Minene’s warnings about interfering with the past. As Yuno and Murmur arrive with the Third World Rea and Kurou hostage, Minene and Yuki flee with the Third World Yuno in tow, while Minene lectures Yuki that the parents in the Third World are not his.

Murmur hosts a counseling hotline and constantly receives a call from a housewife with a neglectful husband and a disobedient adopted daughter, but Murmur gives her a series of unhelpful tips. The housewife is actually Saika, who was referring to her husband Ushio and adopted daughter Yuno.