Ep 22 – “Disconnect” / “Setsudan” (切断)

A shocked Aru attempts to inform Yuki of Deus’s answer, but Deus stops Aru, revealing that Aru is an entity created by him to observe and record information on the survival game and its players. Deus starts disassembling Aru, promising to spare him if he proves he has done anything out of his own free will, but Aru succeeds when he reveals he had Kamado make his cellphone into an apprentice detective diary, demonstrating his will to change the future and save Yuki. Yuno asks Yuki if he has the will to kill his friends if they end up betraying him. As they arrive at Aru’s apartment to kill Kamado, Yuno is held off by Aru while Yuki chases after Kamado and his friends. When he runs into Hinata, he learns that Deus told Aru that the divine power bestowed to the winner of the survival game can bring bodies back from the dead but not the soul. Meanwhile, Yuno stabs herself, since Aru countered all of her attacks. After Aru patches up Yuno’s wound, he rushes to the scene. Yuno calls Yuki to prevent Aru from contacting him and tells him that Aru tried to kill her and that he should not trust any of his friends. Out of rage and fear, Yuki ends up shooting Hinata, Mao and Kosaka, still believing he can bring them back to life after he becomes a god. Aru finally arrives and warns Yuki that Yuno plans on killing him at the very end to win the game. When Yuno arrives, Aru kisses Yuki, enthralling Yuno. Aru and Yuno commence fighting and Aru manages to smash her cellphone, but Yuno pulls out a second cellphone and slashes at Aru’s throat. As Yuno kills Kamado, a dying Aru, who knows the first diary he destroyed was real, suddenly has an epiphany about Yuno. Since he can no longer talk, he writes a message in his phone and shows it to Yuki, allowing Yuno to finish him off as Deus begins to collapse.

While Deus was making preparations for the survival game, Murmur went to the playground to play. However, she became lonely when it began to rain. Deus came to pick her up and put her to sleep before resuming his preparations.