Ep 21 – “Security Code” / “Anshō Bangō” (暗証番号)

Yuki and Yuno wreak havoc, demanding that Balks release their friends and commit suicide, by using his position as mayor against him. Balks locks himself in a double-door bank vault in Gasai Bank, which can only be unlocked via retina scan by himself, Yuno’s parents or the real Yuno. Since Yuki can no longer eliminate Balks for her, Minene starts hunting Yuki down, reminiscing how she lost her parents in the Middle East as a child and grew up under the constant threat of death. At the same time, Yuno frees Hinata, Mao and Kosaka and goes to kill Kamado, but she is stopped by Aru. In a tense showdown, Minene gains a clear shot at Yuki but sees her child self standing beside him, letting Yuki shoot Minene in the torso. Minene then destroys her diary voluntarily in order to detonate a bomb triggered by her death, intending to destroy the vault for Yuki, yet the vault withstands the blast. Yuno arrives to send Yuki away to destroy HOLON, and she somehow manages to open the vault and kill Balks. A few days later, Aru expresses his distrust in Yuno to Kamado, Hinata, Mao and Kosaka after he witnessed her opening the vault via retina scan despite being an impostor, while Yuki shows Yuno his list of the deceased Future Diary Holders. Suddenly, dark vortexes appear all over the city due to Deus’s lifespan decaying. While Murmur is panicking over the world ending sooner than expected, Kamado appears with Aru, who asks Deus if Yuki could return the world back to normal if he was the successor.

Murmur tells Balks that the name of his diary is the most perverted compared to the rest of the other diaries. She then views various messages from people criticizing the name of his diary.