Ep 20 – “Transfer Data” / “Dēta Tensō” (データ転送)

Despite Aru’s revelation, Yuki declares his trust in Yuno. Balks connects Kamado’s server to HOLON, a supercomputer which holds user accounts of every citizen of the city, making them his apprentices. Minene tries to attack Balks, but his diary lets him turn the tables. Nishijima, who has fallen in love with Minene, comes to her aid and destroys the supercomputer. However, it turns out to be only one part of the whole, and Balks’ plan is put into motion. As Aru sends Hinata, Mao and Kosaka to help Minene and Nishijima destroy the remaining parts of HOLON, Minene figures out Balks’s diary can read the predictions of all other Future Diaries. Deus reveals to Minene that Balks helped him design the Future Diaries, wishing to grant divine power to the human race. Minene, Nishijima, Hinata, Mao and Kosaka storm HOLON’s location, overwriting their diaries’ predictions to confuse Balks. In response, Balks makes use of the diary of his secretary, Ryuji Kurosaki, and manages to capture Hinata, Mao and Kosaka, as well as injure Minene and kill Nishijima. Minene is saved by Yuki and Yuno, who have used her as bait to get to Balks.

At the amusement park with Aru again, Murmur eats one of her candies, which turns her into an adult, to allow access to certain rides. However, when she wants to go on a ride meant for children, she sees Aru already on the ride, revealing that he ate the other one of her candies, which turned him into a child.