Ep 2 – “Contract Terms” / “Keiyaku Jōken” (契約条件)

Minene Uryū, a student terrorist and the Ninth Future Diary Holder, holds the school hostage, having rigged its corridors with motion sensor bombs. As Yuki combines his ability to predict everything happening around him with Yuno’s ability to predict everything happening to Yuki himself, the two manage to evade danger, until Minene threatens to detonate all the bombs unless Yuki is handed over to her. Yuki is captured by his classmates, angering Yuno, who runs down the corridors and causes several classrooms to explode on purpose. Yuki and Minene are soon confronted by police officer Keigo Kurusu, the Fourth Future Diary Holder who is able to predict crimes. Keigo, who is Minene’s true target, reveals he is not interested in the survival game and just wants to stop criminals. Yuno, Keigo and all the classmates work together to distract Minene, allowing Yuki to throw a dart at her Future Diary cellphone. However, Minene dodges it, injuring her left eye and uses her ability to escape. In the aftermath, Keigo forms an alliance with Yuki and Yuno to stop the other Future Diary Holders.

Murmur introduces herself while flowing down a river. She reviews that Keigo and Minene both found out about Yuki, since they both were after Takao, who Yuki killed already. Murmur says goodbye while drifting off a waterfall.