Ep 19 – “Clear Data” / “Zenken Sakujo” (全件削除)

John Balks, the mayor of Sakurami City, convincingly passes a motion to have Kamado’s orphanage shut down, and he later attends Deus’s meeting, where Yuki exposes his identity as the Eleventh Future Diary Holder, after much research about him five days earlier. Minene relays this news to Nishijima, who reveals his reassignment as one of Balks’s bodyguard and his discovery that Yuno was adopted. Yuno, theorizing that Balks wants to seize Kamado’s server, has Yuki form an alliance with Kamado to have her apprentices ambush Balks while driving on a country road. However, Balks uses a jammer to sever connections to Kamado’s server. In anticipation of this, Yuki and Yuno betray Kamado and slaughter her defenseless apprentices, prompting Kamado to flee in Balks’s car while Yuki and Yuno give chase, eventually cornering them. Minene appears with Aru, who retrieves Yuno’s umbilical cord from her orphanage, revealing that its DNA matches with the third corpse. This means that the real Yuno Gasai is dead and the one Yuki has known all along is actually an impostor.

Orin Miyashiro, one of Kamado’s apprentices, gives Murmur a meal at the orphanage. When Orin ask if Murmur has any parents, Murmur is reminded of Deus, who she thinks has a weird personality.