Ep 18 – “Crossed Lines” / “Konsen” (混線)

A year ago, Yuki was paired with Moe Wakaba, a classmate of his, to purchase supplies for an upcoming school festival, preparing to give her a love letter at the right moment. In the mall, Yuno, disguised in a bunny suit, made several attempt to prevent Yuki from doing so, since she was secretly in love with Yuki, but she is stopped by the security guards. When she returned home, Yuno was revealed to have murdered her parents Saika Gasai and Ushio Gasai, a pair of bankers who were revealed to abuse her when she failed to meet their standards. In the present, after Yuki asks Deus to bring his mother back to life, Deus reveals that he is dying and his powers have faded, explaining that all of existence will collapse unless a successor is determined soon. When Kurou comes home injured, Yuki demands him to turn himself in for killing Rea, although there is no actual evidence to comply. The next day, Yuki trails Kurou from a pawn shop to a local shrine hoping for evidence, but it turns out that Kurou wanted to visit the site where his family was going to go stargazing before he turned himself in. While reconciling with Yuki, Kurou is suddenly stabbed in the chest with a knife. Yuki is then ambushed by agents of the Eleventh Future Diary Holder, yet he manages to fight back and kill the agents. After Yuno arrives to help him, Yuki declares that he is now determined to win the survival game in order to attain the power to resurrect his parents. When he tells Yuno this means he has to kill her, she calmly replies that she is ready to die for him at any time.

While wearing bunny suits, Murmur chases Yuno in the mall, but Yuno escapes in an elevator while Murmur is apprehended by a security guard.