Ep 11 – “Service Terminated” / “Sābisu Shūryō” (サービス終了)

Six days ago, Keigo forms an alliance with Minene, promising to stop pursuing her and asking her to take care of his terminally ill son, You Kurusu, if he is eliminated from the survival game. In the present, Yuki and Yuno get arrested by Nishijima and brought to Keigo. In the interrogation room, Keigo forces Yuki to play a rigged game of Russian roulette with his service revolver. Alerted to Keigo’s treachery by her diary, Yuno knocks out the detectives guarding her and steals their guns. Just before Yuki gets shot, Yuno breaks into the room, injures Keigo and leaves with Yuki. Panicking, Yuki shoots at one of the policemen pursuing them. Since both Yuki and Yuno have now committed a crime, their actions can be detected by Keigo’s diary, which was his plan all along. Trapped on the police station’s roof, Yuki and Yuno jump off, but a truck’s tarp breaks their fall. The next day, Yuki and Yuno are hiding from the police when they notice Naoko visiting a hospital. When they follow her, they get ambushed by Minene, who blows up part of the floor. After Yuki accidentally causes more of the floor to collapse, Minene allies with Yuki in order to have Yuno pull them both to safety, incurring Keigo’s wrath in the process. With their deaths foretold in all three diaries, Minene takes Yuki and Yuno to the room where Keigo’s dying son and wife are.

Murmur, disguised as Keigo, talks to Nishijima and recommends that katsudon is a dish that would be great to eat while working on a criminal case, doing a role-playing interrogation to prove that fact.