Ep 1 – “Sign Up” / “Sain Appu” (サインアップ)

Yukiteru “Yuki” Amano is a loner who spends his time writing in his cellphone diary, playing darts and talking to an imaginary friend, Deus Ex Machina, the God of Time and Space. One morning, he finds his diary entry for the day has been filled in already. Stranger yet, the events recounted in the diary start coming true. Yuki is then startled upon learning that Deus is an actual deity, who reveals that his diary can now predict his future, but also warns him that he will die if his diary is destroyed. As Yuki starts using the diary to his advantage, he is approached and stalked by model student Yuno Gasai, who possesses the Second Future Diary, which foretold his death at the hands of his homeroom teacher Takao Hiyama, secretly a serial killer who owns the Third Future Diary. As Yuno helps Yuki evade Takao, Yuki is able to hit Takao’s cellphone with a dart, causing Takao to vanish into a vortex. Afterwards, Deus summons a congress and explains the rules of the survival game to all of the remaining eleven Future Diary Holders, including Yuki and Yuno, in which they all must try to kill each other in order to win the right to succeed him.

Deus’s assistant, Murmur, introduces Takao to the survival game. However, when Murmur tries to give Takao a cellphone diary, he keeps destroying it, causing him to repeatedly vanish into a vortex.