Ep 35 – “Reunion of the Fallen” / “Gusha no Saikai” (愚者の再会)

Lust, Envy, and Gluttony are in a restaurant discussing Greed’s recent death. As they leave, a car wreck outside causes a small boy to become injured. The mother’s cry for help brings forth a man who heals him using a ring similar to the one that Cornello wore in Lior. Lust watches the man heal the child, and as he turns to the crowd as sees her, she recognizes him as Lujon, a man from her past. They catch up in the restaurant, where a flashback shows us how Lust and Gluttony watch the results of a landslide and its victims. As they watch, a rescue crew approaches, containing Lujon, and he rescues a girl from the pile. Meanwhile, the Elrics and Winry, while riding in a cart South to the Ishbalan camp, must save a girl from a band of thugs in the forest. She reveals her name is Lydia, and that she is looking for a man named Lujon, who is supposed to be finding a second Philosopher’s Stone to save the people of their village from the return of a plague. As Lujon, Lust, and Gluttony ride back together to his village, Lujon reveals that the power in his Philosopher’s Stone has waned considerably. The flashback continues, revealing how Lujon’s failed attempts to cure the first onslaught of the plague provoked Lust into teaching him the refined arts of alchemy. As they study together, Lujon falls in love with her; however, Lust only stays with him because he invokes faint memories in her mind that she cannot identify. Once he has learned the secrets to curing the illness, he manages to save his fiance Lydia from death’s grip. On the day of their wedding, Lujon leaves her at the altar for Lust, who unsuccessfully commands her to go to him. Once he leaves, she laughs with Envy about the success of their plan. In present time, Lujon embraces Lust in the village before saving his people, exclaiming how he won’t let her leave him this time. Before he can let her go, Lust stabs him dead. The villagers all perish, and minutes later, the Elrics and Winry arrive to witness the tragedy. Lydia runs into the fog before they can stop her, and is found lying dead next to Lujon’s corpse, succumbed to the disease as Lust rides away in her carriage.