Ep 33 – “Al, Captured” / “Torawareta Aru” (囚われたアル)

Marta hops inside Alphonse’s armor and slows him down just enough for Loa to overpower Al, and the kidnappers take him to their headquarters for a rendezvous with Greed. While Ed searches through town to discover any information on Al’s whereabouts, Izumi goes to see Dante. In an intense conversation, Dante reveals that the kidnappers left an emblem revealing the name of the pub Al has been taken to. At the hideout, Greed reveals to Al that he desires the knowledge of how souls can be bound to inanimate objects, such as Al’s suit of armor. Izumi bursts onto the scene to rescue Alphonse from the powerful homunculus and his cohorts, and is later joined by Edward. They are unable to cause harm to him, however, as he utilizes his Ultimate Shield whenever attacked. Before he and Ed can truly battle, the military bursts into the building to take over. During the escape, Greed discovers that Kimblee has betrayed his team, but has no time to deal with him, as the kidnappers must take Al and leave. Before Ed is able to run after them, he is cornered at gunpoint by the military, whom demand he stand down and report to Lt. Colonel Archer.