Ep 18 – “Marcoh’s Notes” / “Marukō Nōto” (マルコー・ノート)

In the state library, Lust searches for Marcoh’s research before encountering Scar, in which she reminds him of a previous acquaintance. He realizes that Lust and Gluttony are homunculi as the library is sent ablaze from their attack. The Elrics meet Sergeant Denny Brosh and 2nd Lt. Maria Ross, their new bodyguards, not long before their find the first branch of the state library burned to the ground. The Elrics go on a exhaustive search to find other sources for the book, leading them to Sheska, a file clerk who formerly worked at the library before being fired for reading all the time. Sheska reveals that she has memorized all of Marcoh’s works, and then makes handwritten duplicates for the Elric brothers. The writing is written in a code created by Marcoh, though resembling that of a cookbook. The brothers attempt to decipher the hidden data for several days, only to discover that producing the philosopher’s stone requires human lives.