Ep 9 – “Shards of Brilliance/Angel’s Share” / “Kagayaki no Hahen” (輝きの破片/Angel’s Share)

Vincent awakes under the care of the blond man from the last episode, Kazkis Hauer. An alcoholic addicted to red wine, he is the supervisor of Asura Dome. Their exchanges become extremely strained after Pino stumbles upon the army of now inactive AutoReivs responsible for the destruction of Halos. Kazkis reveals himself as the Proxy of Sunlight and explains that the female Proxy killed had been his lover, Senex, the Proxy of Moonlight and supervisor of Halos. He perceives Vincent as her replacement but becomes enraged when it appears as though Vincent has no memories of his past. Through a fight, Kazkis forces Vincent to come to terms with his true nature as Ergo Proxy, the Proxy of Death, before dying and reuniting spiritually with Senex. Vincent then joins Pino on the Rabbit and the two continue their trip to Mosk.