Ep 8 – “Light Beam/Shining Sign” / “Kōsen” (光線/Shining Sign)

Vincent and Pino are caught in the middle of a battle between humans and AutoReivs. Commander Patecatl takes them in and reveals that the remaining inhabitants of Halos are fighting to protect their “womb” (an artificial birthing system similar to Romdeau’s) from the invading AutoReivs. When two soldiers are inexplicably killed, Vincent and Pino are imprisoned next to a deranged woman who preaches of moonlight and awakening. As the humans are gradually overtaken by the AutoReivs, Commander Patecatl attempts to escape but is killed by the female Proxy responsible for the soldiers’ deaths. Vincent, now in his Proxy form, fights and kills her, seemingly draining her energy through his eyes. The entire battle is narrated by the woman from the prison, who then dies from her injuries. Soon after, a mysterious man with long blond hair arrives and examines the dead Proxy.