Ep 7 – “RE-L124C41+” / “Riru 124C41+” (リル124C41+/RE-L124C41+)

Re-l recovers from her illness and wanders through the facility, where she stumbles upon Romdeau’s artificial birthing system. Daedalus finds her and the two discuss the purpose and relevance of the Dome. Meanwhile, Vincent makes his way to Mosk, his birth place, with Pino and the survivors from the drone attack. Back in Romdeau, Re-l reunites with Iggy. Daedalus also reveals that the entity called Monad Proxy was pilfered from Mosk and is a “life force” made up of indestructible Amrita cells. Comparable to gods, Proxies are connected to the continued survival of humans in this post-apocalyptic world. The trio is suddenly attacked by a group of infected AutoReivs sent by Raul and Re-l appears to be wounded during the fight. On the Rabbit, Pino and Vincent are left alone after the death of their companions. The episode ends with Daedalus filling out Re-l’s death certificate.