Ep 6 – “Eden of the East” / “Higashi no Eden” (東のエデン)

Saki returns to her friends in Eden of the East, a recycling club at their university, and tells them about Akira. They soon become interested in but suspicious of him, and decide to go visit. Akira warmly greets them and informs them that he had found out about their club’s special commodity. They have developed a revolutionary image recognition program, but have stalled due to problems with the university. Akira offers to help the club with their goal, in exchange for having them help him on his duty as a Seleção. Encouraged by Akira, Saki decides to stay in the club. Meanwhile, Hirasawa receives a call from Kasuga, who had been tasked with finding Ohsugi. Kasuga suspects that Osugi may have been kidnapped by the “Johnny Hunter”, a serial killer reputed to have almost 20,000 victims, according to a story circulating over the internet.