Ep 4 – “True Reality, False Reality” / “Riaru na Genjitsu Kyokō no Genjitsu” (リアルな現実 虚構の現実)

Following Kondō’s advice, Akira goes to track down the other Seleçãos. He eventually manages to find Seleção No. 5, Hajime Hiura, who is an influential brain surgeon. Hiura at first suspects Akira to be the Supporter, the Seleção tasked to observe the other Seleçãos and to punish them if they break any of the rules. After being assured Akira is not the Supporter, Hiura tells him about Seleção. It is an organization run by Mr. Outside, an enigmatic individual who chose twelve individuals and gave them ten billion yen each with the condition to use the money to save Japan. If the Seleçãos refuse, run out of money, or act in a manner unbecoming of a “messiah”, then they are to be eliminated by the Supporter. Shortly after Akira leaves, Hiura is murdered by the Supporter since he had run out of money.