Ep 4 – “Gateway Shuffle” / “Geitowei Shaffuru” (ゲイトウェイ・シャッフル) 

After gambling away all the money she obtained, Faye ends up getting her hands on a mysterious suitcase while exploring the wreckage of a derelict spaceship. Meanwhile, Spike and Jet pursue a bounty on the leader of the Space Warriors, a group of eco-terrorists armed with a terrifying biological weapon that can transform humans into apes. After once again running into Faye, Spike and Jet attempt to collect the bounty on the terrorists’ leader, Twinkle Murdoch. However, faced with the threat by Murdoch’s sons of releasing the virus on Ganymede if she isn’t released, they cancel the bounty, forcing the Bebop crew to release her. When Murdoch and her sons renege on the deal and launch the virus anyway, Spike and Faye attempt to pursue her through the hyperspace gateway. They succeed in destroying two of the three missiles, but miss the third one, prompting the Ganymede government to shut down the spacegate, stopping the missiles by permanently trapping them in hyperspace. Spike and Faye manage to narrowly escape the gate before it closes, but Murdoch and sons become trapped, followed by a container of the virus that Faye recovered from the suitcase and was subsequently slipped into Murdoch’s pocket by Spike to shatter, turning her and all her sons into monkeys. With the bounty lost, Faye decides to stay on the Bebop with Spike and Jet.