Ep 2 – “Stray Dog Strut” / “Norainu no Sutoratto” (野良犬のストラット) 

Spike and Jet’s next bounty takes them to Mars, where their target, Abdul Hakim, is wanted for stealing a valuable lab animal. To avoid capture, Hakim has had plastic surgery to change his appearance. At a bar, Hakim loses the briefcase containing the animal when it is stolen behind his back. Spike discovers the thief attempting to sell the animal at a pet store and, mistaking him for Hakim, holds him at gunpoint. Spike orders the store owner to open the case, revealing the animal to be a Welsh corgi. As Spike leaves the pet store, the real Hakim appears and attempts to take the dog back; the dog manages to escape, prompting Hakim, Spike, and the group of scientists who had illegally experimented on the dog to give chase. Spike ultimately loses Hakim but gains possession of the dog, whom he brings back to the Bebop. Jet suggests that Spike take the dog for a walk in order to lure Hakim into trying to take it back. However, the scientists activate a dog whistle to find their “data dog”, resulting in the corgi escaping from Spike. Hakim uses a stolen car and manages to grab the dog, while Spike and the scientists pursue him in their ship and truck, respectively. The dog manipulates the car’s controls to open the doors and jumps out, causing Spike to reluctantly save it by having it land on top of his ship. Meanwhile, Hakim and the scientists crash their vehicles and are apprehended by the police. The dog, named Ein, is shown to now be living on the Bebop, much to Spike’s chagrin.