Ep 1 – “Asteroid Blues” / “Asuteroido Burūsu” (アステロイド・ブルース)

In a flashback, Spike Spiegel is shown waiting near a church holding a bouquet of flowers, before leaving as the church bell rings. As he walks away, images of a gunfight he participated in are shown. In the present, Spike, currently a bounty hunter, and his partner Jet Black head to the Tijuana asteroid colony on their ship, the Bebop, to track down a bounty-head named Asimov Solensan. Asimov is wanted for killing members of his own crime syndicate and for stealing a cache of a dangerous combat drug known as Bloody-Eye. On the colony, Asimov and his girlfriend, Katerina, are ambushed at a bar by his former syndicate while attempting to sell a vial of Bloody-Eye, but Asimov manages to fight his way out by using the drug himself. Spike later encounters Katerina and reveals to her that he is a bounty hunter searching for Asimov; Spike is promptly assaulted by Asimov and is nearly killed before Katerina intervenes. In the confusion, Spike is able to steal Asimov’s Bloody-Eye vial before the two leave. Spike later confronts Asimov at a staged drug deal with the stolen vial, but Asimov escapes with Katerina in a ship when the two are interrupted by an attack from Asimov’s former syndicate. With Spike giving chase in his own ship, Asimov attempts to take another dose of Bloody-Eye, but a horrified Katerina shoots him before he can. As Spike approaches Asimov’s ship, it is destroyed by attacking police cruisers, forcing Spike to pull away. The episode ends with Spike and Jet once again traveling through space on the Bebop.