Ep 7 – “Everything Starts Aboard the Advenna Avis” / “Subete wa Adowena Awisu Gō no Senjō kara Hajimaru” (すべてはアドウェナ・アウィス号の船上からはじまる)

In 1711, Maiza leads alchemists aboard the ship Advenna Avis, including Szilard and Czeslaw, in summoning a demon to obtain eternal life. The demon grants them an elixir. He instructs the immortals how to “devour” other immortals, gaining the devoured immortal’s abilities and knowledge, and tells them they can only use their real name when speaking to one another. He then gives Maiza the elixir’s formula. Maiza decides that no one else must become immortal and is supported by most of the passengers. One passenger, Huey Laforet, suspends his vote and Szilard firmly opposes. Later, Maiza shares half the formula with his brother Gretto, unaware that other passengers are being devoured. Later, Maiza attempts to devour Szilard, but is stopped by Elmer Albatross; they then discover that Szilard is gone. Szilard devours Gretto and discovers that Sylvie Lumiere, Gretto’s lover, is not immortal. Elmer tries to convince Szilard to stop, and the two fall off the ship. The demon, fascinated by Elmer’s stupidity, grants him one wish. As the demon talks to Huey, a “fellow onlooker”, the demon hints that he expected something from the immortals. In 1930, Maiza and a Martillo, Ronny Sukiart, discuss the dangers of fighting with the Runoratas. When Maiza leaves the room, Ronny comments that Szilard is close by.