Ep 6 – “The Rail Tracer Covertly, Repeatedly Slaughters Inside the Coaches” / “Reiru Toreisa wa Shanai o Anyakushi Gyakusatsu o Kurikaesu” (レイルトレーサーは車内を暗躍し虐殺をくりかえす)

In 1932, Nicholas and Elean report to the director that Gustavo knows about Eve. Aboard the Pussyfoot, the Rail Tracer, appearing as a human silhouette, continues to kill the Lemures. As the woman in fatigues is climbing along the bottom of the train, she meets the Rail Tracer. After it speaks to her, she quickly scurries away, screaming. In 1930, Dallas asks Luck to help him punish Firo, not realizing they are friends. He is thrown out, leaving the elixir at the Gandor hideout. In 1931, Czeslaw hides Mary in a closet. Because he revealed his true name in the dining car, he knows there is an immortal in that car and leaves to look for him. Nice, Jacuzzi, and Donny rescue a captured Nick. When Nick sees blood pooling out of another cabin, Ladd walks out of the cabin and refuses to take responsibility for the carnage in it. Mary is discovered by a Russo, who is killed by Chane. In 1930, Dallas encounters Isaac and Miria and begins to beat Isaac. In 1932, Gustavo lures Eve with information about Dallas and kidnaps her. On the Pussyfoot, Jacuzzi and the group enter the cabin, finding it covered floor-to-ceiling with blood. While vomiting out the window, Nick notices something climbing along the train. The group believes it is the Rail Tracer. In 1930, Ennis finds Dallas beating Isaac. While incapacitating Dallas, she inadvertently rescues Isaac. In 1932, Nicholas, Elean, and the director speculate on possible outcomes of Eve’s kidnapping. The director indicates that he wishes to avoid conflict between the Gandors and the Runoratas. The director is worried that the legendary assassin Vino is traveling to New York aboard the Pussyfoot on Luck’s request. In 1930 at the secret society, Ennis injects Dallas with the incomplete elixir.