Ep 4 – “Ladd Russo Enjoys Talking A Lot and Slaughtering A Lot” / “Raddo Russo wa Ōini Katari Ōini Satsuriku o Tanoshimu” (ラッド・ルッソは大いに語り大いに殺戮を楽しむ)

On the Pussyfoot, Ladd hears gunfire from the dining car and becomes excited. In Chicago, ten hours before the Pussyfoot departs, Don Russo learns that a couple stole his money and his men were attacked by Jacuzzi. His grief is compounded when he is told Ladd will hijack the Pussyfoot simply for the carnage it will create. In the dining car, Ladd finds that the Lemures are also hijacking the train, except they plan to use it to bribe Senator Beriam to win the freedom of their imprisoned leader. In 1932, Eve leaves the Daily Days while the two receptionists, Nicholas Wayne and Elean Duga, note that the information on Dallas is classified because he may be immortal. In 1930, Isaac and Miria encounter Firo and Maizo outside of the hat shop. After buying various hats and masks, they dream about their wealthy future and are hit by a car. In the car, Ennis ignores the pair and drives Szilard Quates to a secret society of old men. Aboard the Pussyfoot, the Lemures report to Goose, who organized the hijacking. Chane leaves the car and Goose admits that he plans to kill her. Meanwhile, Ladd allows his men to do as they like. In 1930, Szilard announces to the secret society that the elixir has been perfected and that they will not age, a flaw of the incomplete elixir they consumed. He tells Ennis to fetch Barnes, who has it. Ennis reaches the burning warehouse and runs into Firo. In 1931, Nice and a member of her gang, Donny, decide to search for Jacuzzi in the conductor’s car while something watches them from outside the train.