Ep 2 – “Setting the Old Woman’s Qualms Aside, the Flying Pussyfoot Departs” / “Rōfujin no Fuan o Yoso ni Furaingu Pusshīfutto Go wa Shuppatsu Suru” (老婦人の不安をよそに大陸横断鉄道は出発する)

In late 1931, the Pussyfoot is leaving Chicago despite a woman’s prediction that the train is cursed and those who survive the trip are either lucky or not human. Prior to this, Isaac and Miria are unsuccessful in their search for gold in California. After receiving a letter from Ennis in New York City, they wish to return to Manhattan and, realizing they have no money, decide to rob a train. Instead, the pair steal money from two mafia hitmen in Chicago and take the Pussyfoot to New York. Czeslaw, Ladd and Lua, Nice, Jacuzzi, and their gang, Senator Beriam’s wife Natalie and daughter Mary and an orchestra that includes Chane Laforet also board the train while the woman in fatigues sneaks on. Two conductors, a young red-head and an older dark-haired one, relieve a retiring conductor from his shift. Shortly after, the retiring conductor is killed and his uniform is stolen by a red-headed Russo. In the dining car, Nice, Jacuzzi, Czeslaw, Natalie and Mary hear Isaac and Miria tell the tale of the Rail Tracer, a monster that eats train passengers. Jacuzzi is scared witless and goes to ask the young conductor how to avoid being eaten. He runs into Ladd, who recognizes him. Meanwhile, the older conductor holds the young conductor at gunpoint.