Ep 16 – “Carol Realizes That the Story Cannot Have an Ending” / “Monogatari ni Owari ga Atte wa Naranai koto o Kyaroru wa Satotta” (物語に終わりがあってはならないことをキャロルは悟った)

Ladd recovers as he is questioned by the FBI. He maintains his innocence, although there is no proof otherwise, and vows to kill Huey. Natalie awards Rachel money for saving her, and Rachel uses it to buy enough tickets to compensate for all the stolen rides she took. Earlier, Nicholas follows Eve to the Gandor headquarters. He is discovered by Claire, who threatens him into revealing Chane’s whereabouts. Afterward, following Claire’s meeting with Czeslaw and Rachel, Czeslaw panics after learning Claire is the Rail Tracer and flees. Claire invites Rachel to lunch, hoping she will help him win Chane’s heart. Later, Claire watches as Chane takes her walk. When she is abducted by Graham, he goes to rescue her. That night, Graham realizes Claire outmatches him and concludes that only Ladd can defeat Claire. Claire proposes to Chane again, telling her they can start off as friends, and asks her if she would eventually fall in love with him. Chane nods in response. In 1933, Eve finds that the barrel pulled from the bottom of the river is empty. In 1932, Elmer encounters Sylvie and is surprised that she drank the elixir. She reveals that she had intended to devour Firo to obtain Gretto’s memories, but decides that Gretto’s memories are safe with him. She is also happy to see Gretto in Firo. When they part ways, Elmer finds and thanks Ronny for helping Maiza as a person, not as a demon, just as he wished for in 1711. After Elmer bids him farewell, Ronny comments it was not that he was keeping his promise, so much as he was simply deeply curious. Meanwhile, Gustav and Carol decide that the story they are investigating neither begins nor ends.