Ep 15 – “The Delinquents That Arrive at the High-Class Neighborhood Are the Same as Always” / “Kōkyū Jūtakugai ni Tadoritsuita Furyō Shōnentachi wa sore demo Itsumo to Kawaranai” (高級住宅街に辿り着いた不良少年たちはそれでもいつもと変わらない)

Because various members of Nice and Jacuzzi’s gang worked for the Genoards, Eve allows Nice, Jacuzzi, and their gang to stay in the Genoard mansion. The gang returns from selling the explosives they stole from the Pussyfoot’s cargo, but they also rescued Chane and are unsure of what to do with her. Although Jacuzzi welcomes her, the others remain suspicious. Elsewhere, Claire finds and recognizes Czeslaw and Rachel. Chane receives a white dress as a gift, and deduces that Claire was the sender. She remembers how happy she was when Huey gave her clothes during her childhood. However, she is unsure how she should feel about this dress. She wonders what Claire was thinking when he proposed, but it does not help her understand her situation. Chane goes out for a walk and is abducted by Graham, who believes her to be Eve. Graham sends Jacuzzi a note, instructing him to gather as much money as possible and then come to meet him alone. Once Jacuzzi arrives, he learns that Nice, their gang, and Claire followed him. However, no one recognizes Claire, so he introduces himself as the Rail Tracer, terrifying Jacuzzi. Claire confronts Chane and declares his love for her. However, this confuses Chane because she never had anyone, not even her father, tell her they loved her. Graham is furious when he finds out it was Claire that defeated Ladd and threw him off the train, and Claire declares that he will fight Graham to defend Chane and her friends.