Ep 14 – “Graham Specter’s Love and Peace” / “Gurahamu Supekutā no Ai to Heiwa” (グラハム・スペクターの愛と平和)

In 1932, Graham Specter, a mechanic, is outraged because someone seriously injured Ladd. In 1929, Graham attacks Ladd for ruining a car Graham wanted to dismantle. Although Ladd wins, he spares Graham’s life because the pair are alike. In 1931, Elmer watches Firo, Ennis and Maiza greet Isaac, Miria, and Czeslaw at the station, but does not talk to them. Later, Elmer visits Huey in prison. Although Elmer tries his best, he is unable to lift Huey’s spirits. Huey asks him to find Chane and make her smile; he doubts that she will ever be happy again because of the dispassionate way he treated her as a child. Meanwhile, Graham plans to capture Jacuzzi and get his bounty from the Russo. To draw Jacuzzi out into the open, he wants to kidnap Eve. Meanwhile, Rachel is surprised to see Czeslaw alive. The boy recognizes her and offers to tell her the truth about the events aboard the Pussyfoot.