Ep 13 – “Both the Immortals and Those Who Aren’t Sing the Praises of Life Equally” / “Fushisha mo Sō de nai Mono mo Hitoshinami ni Jinsei o Ōka suru” (不死者もそうでない者もひとしなみに人生を謳歌する)

In 1931, Claire proposes to Chane, instructing her to carve her answer into the roof and then jump into the upcoming river. Nice and Nick steal explosives from the luggage car and dump them into the river, after which Nick also jumps into the river to meet up with the rest of their gang, who are waiting to recover the explosives. A pool of blood appears on the roof, causing Jacuzzi and Goose to mistake it for the Rail Tracer and panic. In 1930, Ennis asks Isaac and Miria not to forget about her, and turns and attacks Szilard as he is about to devour Maiza. On the Pussyfoot, Jacuzzi is able to push Goose off the train, causing the flamethrower’s gas tank to explode when it hits the rails. Isaac and Miria attempt to protect Czeslaw from the blood, which actually turns out to be Czeslaw’s blood returning to his immortal body. In 1930, Szilard incapacitates Ennis, intending to give her a slow and painful death, but Isaac and Miria defend her. Szilard then discovers that Firo, the Gandors, and the Martillos are still alive, having apparently consumed the elixir. Ennis tells Firo how to devour Szilard, and Firo attacks and successfully devours him. In 1931, Czeslaw attempts to devour Isaac, but Isaac and Miria tell him they will be his family, causing Czeslaw, who had decided after his torture at Ferment’s hands that he could never trust anyone, to begin crying. In 1930, Firo, having acquired all of Szilard’s knowledge, saves a dying Ennis, and asks for her name after introducing himself. A surprised Ennis tells him, but questions why he would ask, as he should already know, to which Firo responds by saying he wanted to hear her say it, causing Ennis to smile and blush and prompting cheers from the Martillos as well as Isaac and Miria. In 1932, Luck reveals that he had Dallas cemented into a barrel at the bottom of the Hudson River as punishment for killing the Gandor members while reclaiming the elixir. Eve allows Don Runorata to examine Dallas in his laboratory in exchange for rescuing him from the Hudson and giving her visiting rights. In 1931, the Pussyfoot arrives in New York. Isaac and Miria, having worried about forgetting to buy a souvenir for Ennis, present Czeslaw to Ennis as her new younger brother as Maiza and Czeslaw reconcile. In 1930, Ronny comments that he knew about the elixir, but did not stop anyone from drinking it. He believes that everyone will make the best of it, exactly what he expected from them in the first place. In 1931, Claire finds Chane’s response, which states that she will wait for him forever in Manhattan. After musing that Manhattan is a big place and that she doesn’t even know his name, he decides to find her after fulfilling his duties to the Gandor brothers. Finally, in 2001, Isaac and Miria realize that they haven’t aged.