Ep 12 – “Firo and the Three Gandor Brothers Are Felled by Assassins’ Bullets” / “Fīro to Gandōru Sankyōdai wa Kyōdan ni Taoreru” (フィーロとガンドール三兄弟は凶弾に倒れる)

Rachel explains that she received her injuries rescuing Natalie, Mary, Nice, and Nick from the Lemures. In 1931, Jacuzzi searches for Nice alone. In 1930, the Gandors kill Dallas and his gang, rescuing Firo and Ennis. However, Dallas and his gang recover and kill the five of them. Maiza attempts to run and Szilard follows, only to be hit by a car driven by Isaac and Miria. Underneath the Pussyfoot, Czeslaw believes what has happened to him is punishment for devouring Ferment, another immortal who tortured him. Isaac and Miria attempt to rescue him, but he discovers they are immortal after seeing a cut on Isaac’s wrist instantly heal, and panics, thinking they mean to eat him. All three of them fall off of the train after Czeslaw frantically swats away Isaac’s attempts to save him. On the train’s roof, Claire ties Lua to a mail hook, causing Ladd to jump off the train to save her, only to find Claire used a slip knot. Nice and Nick try to climb to the roof, but are confronted by Goose. Jacuzzi attacks and draws Goose away, allowing Nice and Nick to escape. Goose attacks Jacuzzi with a flamethrower while his men are stopped by the passengers in the dining car, who have stolen and armed themselves with the Lemures’ guns. Isaac, Miria, and Czeslaw are momentarily rescued by Rachel, who grabs the rope Isaac has, but she is unable to hang on due to the weight and her injury. Claire takes the rope and, upon encountering Donny, instructs him to save them. In 1930, Szilard orders Ennis to kill Isaac and Miria while he cripples Maiza.