Ep 11 – “Chane Laforet Remains Silent in the Face of Two Mysterious People” / “Shāne Raforetto wa Futari no Kaijin o Mae ni Chinmoku suru” (シャーネ・ラフォレットは二人の怪人を前に沈黙する)

In 1930, Isaac and Miria are invited to celebrate Firo’s inauguration with the Gandors and the Martillos. During the celebration, Firo privately asks Maiza about his instantaneous recovery, although the latter hesitates to tell him. Firo notices Ennis and chases her to return her button, with his act of kindness again surprising her. Atop the Pussyfoot, Chane fights Ladd while the Lemures receive orders to shoot both, if possible. Chane and Ladd are separated and Ladd learns about the orders to shoot him. He then extorts information about Chane, as well as Huey, from the Lemures. Meanwhile, Czeslaw attempts to formulate a new plan in one of the passenger cars. When Claire finds him and asks him about his immortality, Czeslaw initially lies, but eventually admits the truth. The two attempt to unnerve one another, but Claire finally scares Czeslaw and tears his limbs apart using the tracks as Rachel watches in horror. Chane and Ladd begin their fight anew, but are interrupted by Claire. Claire explains his ideology to Ladd, who becomes infuriated. In 1930, Maiza reenters the speakeasy to find Szilard waiting. Szilard kills some of the Martillos to threaten Maiza. Firo attempts to intervene but is stopped by Ennis, who tells him he will die in vain, while the Gandors move to investigate the gunshots. Firo learns that Ennis is a homunculus, an artificially created human, and that she lives and dies at the will of Szilard, who she describes as her “father”. Firo adamantly denies that someone like Szilard could be Ennis’s father, telling her she is beautiful and helping her up, whereupon the pair are cornered by Dallas and his gang. On board the Pussyfoot, Jacuzzi secures the dining car and leaves it in control of the bartender. In 1932, Don Runorata enters the Gandor headquarters, looking for Dallas.