Ep 10 – “Czeslaw Meyer is Forced to Rework His Tremble-Before-the-Specter-of-Immortals Strategy” / “Chesuwafu Meieru wa Fushisha no Kage ni Obie Sakuryaku o Meguraseru” (チェスワフ・メイエルは不死者の影に怯え策略をめぐらせる)

In 1931 at a Newfoundland prison, Senator Beriam visits Huey Laforet in an attempt to stop the Lemures. Huey assures Beriam that Chane, his daughter, is aboard the train and is loyal to him. Huey telepathically contacts Chane, who is already aware that the Lemures plan to kill her. Meanwhile, Czeslaw attempts to bribe Ladd into killing the passengers, intending to discover the identity of the other Immortal by examining the corpses. Instead, Ladd, annoyed by Czeslaw’s attitude, kills him. In 1932, Gustavo learns about Eve’s escape. Outside, Eve is rescued by Elean and learns the Gandors are connected to Dallas’ disappearance. She immediately leaves for their headquarters. In 1930, Isaac and Miria are planning to rob the Gandor family. They see Dallas with the elixir and steal it from him. In 1932, Eve asks the Gandors about Dallas and is interrupted by Gustavo. On the Pussyfoot, Ladd finds Chane on the train’s roof and attacks her. Nice and Nick are distracted by their fight and are captured by the Lemures. At the Gandor headquarters, Gustavo kills the Gandor brothers. However, they revive and beat him, to the shock of all present. In 1930, Isaac and Miria are disappointed upon finding that they have stolen what they believe to be alcohol instead of money, and decide to rob the Martillo family. They visit the Martillo family speakeasy, unaware that Ennis is following them. At the back of the speakeasy, Isaac is nearly shot by the celebratory gunshot for Firo’s inauguration. The pair are greeted by Firo and Maiza, with both parties recognizing each other from their earlier encounter at the hat shop.