Ep 20 – “Erwin Smith: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 4” / “Eruvin Sumisu -Dai Gojū-Nana Kai Hekigai Chōsa (4)” (エルヴィン・スミス ―第57回壁外調査④―)

With the Female Titan restrained, Erwin and Levi try to figure out its identity with no success as it is able to crystallize its skin to prevent them from cutting out the human inside. Armin, Jean and the rest of Levi’s squad realize it was Erwin’s plan to use Eren as bait to draw out the mole within the army who joined them after the Walls fell and only told his real plan to those who were part of the Scout Regiment before the fall. Meanwhile, the others wonder about what is happening inside the forest, and Levi taunts the Female Titan, prompting her to give a loud scream that draws all Titans in the vicinity to her. Despite the Scout Regiment’s attempt to stop them, the Titans ignore the humans and eat the Female Titan’s body in a frenzy, which makes Erwin call off the expedition. However, knowing that there is no confirmation that the mole has also been eaten by the Titans, Erwin orders Levi to regroup with his squad, while the mole, disguised as a cloaked Scout Regiment member, attacks Levi’s squad and kills Günther.