Ep 16 – “What Needs to be Done Now: Eve of the Counterattack, Part 3” / “Ima, Nani o Subeki ka -Hangeki Zen’ya (3)-” (今、何をすべきか ―反撃前夜③―) 

As the recruits are investigated over Sawney and Beane’s deaths, Annie, who will be joining the Military Police later, gives advice to Armin and Conny that it is their choice to decide on which branch of the military they join. The recruits are later greeted by Erwin, who tells them that the Scout Regiment’s next expedition within a month is to reclaim Shiganshina and find the secret hidden in Eren’s home basement. After telling the recruits of the Scout Regiment’s fatalities in each expedition, Erwin tells the recruits that they may stay and join them or leave to join the other branches. As many recruits leave, Jean joins the Scout Regiment in honor of Marco with others joining him as well including Mikasa, Armin, Reiner, Bertolt, Conny, Sasha, Christa and Ymir, despite their fears. As the Scout Regiment prepare themselves for the expedition, Eren is reunited with his friends and learns what happened to the others. Jean questions whether Eren can truly control his Titan powers as they are risking their lives for him. With everything ready, the Scout Regiment begin their 57th Expedition beyond the walls.