Ep 14 – “Can’t Look Into His Eyes Yet: Eve of the Counterattack, Part 1 / “Mada Me o Mirenai -Hangeki Zen’ya (1)-“ (まだ目を見れない ―反撃前夜①―) 

When word spreads about a Titan siding with humankind, the populace is divided over whether Eren is their savior or their end. Eren is brought to a military tribunal to be judged by Commander-in-Chief Dhalis Zachary, who will decide whether Eren should be given to the Military Police or the Scout Regiment, both of whom have their own reasons for wanting him. The Military Police wants Eren killed as he is seen by them as a menace, while the Scout Regiment wants to use him to retake Wall Maria. As both sides get into heated arguments over Eren’s Titan powers, one of the merchants siding with the Military Police accuses Mikasa of being a Titan as well, much to Eren’s anger. When Eren calls out the Military Police and their supporters for their cowardice, one of them prepares to shoot him, only for Levi to beat Eren down. Despite being brutally beaten, he does not transform into a Titan, which Levi shows to the court that the Scout Regiment can control Eren, and proposes that he is to be made part of his squad. In the end, Zachary gives Eren to the Scout Regiment where Erwin and Zoë Hange welcome him. As Eren is getting treatment for his wounds, they discover that he grew back a tooth knocked out during Levi’s beating.